How Gold Home Decor Can Bring Warmth to Your Home: a blog about decorating with gold accents.

There is nothing more luxurious than adding gold accents to your home decor. It's a color that's warm and inviting, which is why so many people are drawn to it in home decor.

Adding gold accents to your home décor seems to be the flavour of the season and we have a very strong feeling that the trend is here to stay! Add glamour to your home and make it shine for visitors as well as guests. Here’s our top picks that will help you jazz up your decor and bring in that glitz.

If you are looking to add a bit of luxury to your interior design, one way to do that is by bringing gold home decor into your home. Many homeowners use gold accents to give the appearance of wealth and prestige. With such a rich and valuable look, gold has become a popular choice for many homeowners. If you want gold adornments in your home but aren't necessarily sure where to begin, here are some great tips for using gold home decor to incorporate luxury into your home's design. If you're interested in adding something with gold accents — or just want an easy way to bring warmth and depth to your home — here are some ideas for you to try.

·        Gold starburst wall decor

Sunburst wall art

Imagine walking into a room, you see something from the corner of your eye, you turn around and see hand-beaten brass discs held by spokes to depict the rising sun. Will you be impressed? We surely will be.

The dawn wall art plates are discs of brass steel, that are hand-beaten by hand, polished and lacquered to achieve an elegant set of wall art depicting the rising sun. A statement piece in their own way, create a cluster of these brass wall plates and create a whimsical feel.

Styling Tip: Use these to highlight a pillar, create an accent wall or simply add to the existing decor in your space.

Available at Kalpané, you can check out all 3 sizes and create your own luxurious cluster of these gorgeous gold wall art plates.

·        Gold Planters

Gold planter with stand


Set of two indoor planters, designed and handcrafted in India. These gold metal platers with stands are just what you need to bring in some gold and green into your home. The stands make them easy to move around and easy to clean around (most importantly!)

Styling Tip: Place them in the corner of your bedroom with air purifying plants. They add just the right amount of glam and help purify the air indoors.

Available at Kalpané, you can check more planters here

·        Thikri Wall Mirror with gold accents

Thikri Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror fits both modern and traditional settings with perfect ease. This Thikri wall mirror celebrates Indian craftsmanship! Each piece is handcrafted and contributes to the revival of a heritage craft and a cluster of highly skilled artisans in Rajasthan, India. Conversation starters in their own way, this mirror is a timeless classic that can never go out of style.

Styling Tip: Multipurpose in its use – it works well as an entryway mirror, in the powder room or as a standalone piece of art in your living room.  

Available at Kalpané, you can check more wall accents here.

·        Gold brass clock

Gold Brass Clock

This hand beaten brass wall clock will hold your time still for a moment. A minimalistic art piece instead of a typical wall clock relates to the modern world in a better sense.

Styling Tip: Unlike boring old wall clocks, this piece of decor looks good hung in any room, be it your living room, bedroom or even your dining space.

Available at Kalpané, you can check more clock designs here.

·        Lotus Leaf Incense Stick Holder

Brass Incense Stick Holder

Enhance the aromatic feel around you. Inspired by the Lotus Leaf, this piece feels like the incense stick is floating in water. Handmade in brass, this statement piece will be a conversation starter.

Styling tip: Add this in your pooja room or on the table near your entrance to add spiritual vibes to your décor space

Available at Kalpané 

If your eyes have been opened to the wonders of gold decor, we hope that you will share that with us in the comments. How does gold complement the decor of your home? What do you like about it? Please share your experiences and images with us! Remember, there's no such thing as too much gold around. 

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