Traditional Indian Home Decor Ideas To Impress Guests

Indian homes have one of the most beautiful interiors. There is much to see and learn about this lovely culture, especially when it comes to the traditional elements that make the country so unique and colorful.

The Indian craftsmen are very skilled and have been using age-old artisanal techniques to craft exquisite pieces of home décor and furniture. These pieces will add a touch of handcrafted luxury to your home décor. Whether you are looking for statement pieces of home décor for your modern home or traditional pieces of Indian home décor for your traditional home, we have curated a list for everyone!

If you are looking for traditional-style Indian home decor, then we have a list of beautiful, handcrafted wall decor and furniture pieces that will add a touch of traditional Indian style to your space.

Here are our top picks of decor and furniture pieces that you can add to bring in a touch of traditional Indian decor to your space.

The Balaji Wooden Elephant Head

Balaji décor

The Balaji Wooden Elephant Head is a traditional piece of beautiful wall decor that has been carved in wood and then meticulously hand painted. This unique piece is painted in shades of blue and the center of the trunk is adorned with a rendition of Lord Balaji, making it the perfect housewarming present.


Hand painted Vishnumoorthy Theyyam Decor Accent

Theyyam head home décor

This decor accent is inspired by one of the most important Theyyams originated in North Kerala. The Theyyam décor piece is a beautiful hand-painted wooden figurine painted in hues of red and orange. Hand carved and hand painted, this table décor accent can be the focal point of any room.


Jharokha Thikri Wall Decor

Thikri wall accent 

The Jharokha Thikri Wall Decor combines the ancient art of Thikri with a modern design. Thikri is a traditional glass inlay work that goes back centuries; originally seen in the walls and ceilings of Rajasthani palaces. This piece of home decor has been hand crafted by skilled artisans. Ideal for a living room, dining room, entry way or on top of a console table.

Celestial dancer Lights

Stone tea light holder

Forever a picture of sensory delight, celestial dancers or apsaras, who are often sighted in Indian temples and palaces, are believed to be symbols of prosperity and fortune.

The Celestial Dancer Lights have been hand-carved out of soft stone by skilled craftsmen and double up as exquisite table tops even when not alight. Depicted in a sensual dance pose, where the dancer takes a rhythmic stance, these apsaras are also considered to be a hallmark of Indian art and architecture.


Kalash Pendant Light

Brass pendant light 

Inspired by the dome of the Hindu temple structures called Shikaras, locally known in Jaipur as Kalash, the Kalash pendant series was created.

A beautiful pendant light, handcrafted by skilled artisans and made with brass to give a unique, rich look.

The Kalash Light will make for the perfect addition to a temple, a living room or even the entrance of a home. Place this dome shaped pendant lights on top of the breakfast island to make a statement.


Temple Corners

Brass Pillar Decor 

Taking inspiration from the glorious temples, the elegant trio of patinated brass tops are a unique blend of modern and traditional era. These handcrafted temple corners are made by skillful artisans. Place these beautiful brass pillars in your living room to uplift your home interiors.


Hammered Textured Urli

Brass Urli 

Traditionally used for cooking in South India, the Hammered Textured Urli has been repurposed and re-designed with a stand.

Add some dry flowers to the brass finished Urli and place it in a pooja room or entrance of your home to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Samudra Manthan' Dhoop Dhani

Dhoop Dani 

Dhoop Dani’s are a part of various traditions and cultures around the world. Traditionally, the Dhoop Dhani is used for worship and to offer prayers to gods and goddesses. It is also a beautiful way of placing an ornate piece of décor in your rooms and engulf the home with wonderful fragrances.

Samudra Manthan Dhoop Dhana, inspired by the second avatar of Lord Vishnu, the 'Kurma'. It represents stability and grounding while bearing a beautiful brass 'Mayura' on its top.


Thaal Accent Table

Brass accent table 

The Thaal is a traditional plate that can be seen in various cities, towns, and villages. It is a large platter used for serving food or to make offerings to the gods.

The Thaal Accent Table is inspired by the nostalgia of this piece and re-imagines the traditional Thaal as an accent table.

Hand beaten in brass by skilled craftsmen, this three-legged peg foot table will keep add an oomph factor to your home interiors.


Wooden Hand painted Sita Head

Goddess Sculpture 

Sita, the epitome of womanhood, the consort of the god Rama. This wooden décor piece is carved in Wood and hand painted beautifully with classic Indian colors.

Brighten up your décor quotient with this extraordinarily beautiful sculpture taking inspiration from Ramayana.


Whether you're looking for a simple wall hanging, intricate decor, or a beautiful piece of furniture, your search can begin and end with the links we've provided above. Each product shown here is unique, luxurious, and handcrafted by artisans using centuries-old methods and techniques.

Put together a few key pieces, and once you do, remember to enjoy your new take on traditional Indian home décor!

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