Cushion covers and are one of the most effective ways to decorate a room. They add texture, visual interest, and comfort to your space. An important part of decorating a home is choosing throw blankets and couch pillows that match your furnishing, as well as your mood.

Here are some cushion styling ideas that you can use to help you make the right choice for your home décor.  Cushions are those pieces that can completely change the look of a room or a sofa. Having the right cushion can make a world of difference by bringing harmony into your living space and elevate the decor of your room.

Choose from our wide range of soft, plush, and luxurious cushion covers and add sophistication to your home decor.

Polka dot cushion cover

If you are looking for an elegant, classic look, then cushions in earthy, tonal colours would work for you. Pick up an already existing colour that you wish to highlight from the room and go lighter or darker with the cushions. Shades of brown, beige or cream are colours that you can never go wrong with, and these colours add a touch of class and minimalism to your home decor.

Chevron cushion cover

For maximum impact, add bright contrasting cushion covers. If your overall home decor is neutral, then bright cushions will stand out and make a statement. These vibrant cushions will help you add colour to your home decor and amp up the quality of your existing home decor. Block-colours work very well with either patterned or a solid-colour couch. Printed cushions are best suited with a classic single tone couch.

Grey velvet cushion

Velvet cushions are plush and sophisticated. Throw them onto that simple couch and watch these sofa cushions add luxury and sophistication to your home decor. Add a bit of luxury to your home décor with our luxurious velvet cushions!

Metallic cushion covers

Textures add depth and variety to any interior. Weaves, embroideries along with tassels add that something extra to the look and feel of your home decor space. These stunning couch pillows also help accentuate the surrounding materials. Adorned with handmade tassels these beautiful, handcrafted cushion covers add just the right amount of texture to your home decor.

Quirky cushion covers

Want to step out of your comfort zone, add something interesting and fun? Try adding a bit of quirkiness in your cushions. Want to uplift a simple room? Make that couch a focus point? Add a few quirky cushions and your job is done.

These hand embroidered and appliquéd designer cushions are quirky and fun and will add character to your home décor! The hand-crafted pompoms will elevate your mood and your home decor and act as a conversation starter.

When making a home, choosing the right cushion covers or couch pillows for your furniture is vital to decorating it perfectly. Aside from being comfortable, your cushions should be aesthetically pleasing as well. If you want to spruce up your home with some new cushion covers, we're here to help give you some advice. When it comes to finding the perfect cushion cover for your room, knowing exactly what you want can be quite daunting. There are a wide range of colors, fabrics and designs available, but the important thing to remember is to find one that matches the style and theme of your home.

To browse our entire collection of luxury and plush cushion covers, click here. If you have any comments and or need any help in styling, do leave a comment and we will be happy to help.