Mountain Oil diffuser - green

Mountain Oil diffuser - green


Inspired by the mighty Himalayas and its aromatic forests we bring you the Energy of the mountains with our Mountain Oil Diffuser . 

Whenever we connect with the Himalayas , our aura receives a calming high frequency energy. Bringing this vibe into our life helps us become more in tune with our life’s purpose which makes our life calmer and clearer . 

The unique and decorative concrete oil diffuser comes with a beeswax tea light , essential oil and a glass dish. 

How to Use: Unwrap components. Fill glass dish with water and place on top of concrete mountain . 

Add 5-10 drops of essential oil. 

Light the beeswax tea light and place inside the mountain. 

Gently infuse your space with the distilled life-force of plants & flowers and experience their therapeutic power with our natural interpretation of this ancient aromatherapy tool.

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Vendor : Auro Candles
Size: Length 7.5” width 7” height 4.5”

Colour: Green

Fragrance: Energising forest 

The Energising forest Oil blend invites you to take a deep breathe , to prepare yourself for the day and to feel a sense of tranquility in the evening. 

Imagine taking a walk in the green aromatic forest of the Himalayas on a light winter morning , smelling the crisp forest air filled with the fresh aroma of pine cones , fir needles layered with soft mossy forest floors and cedar woods 

Country of Manufacture : India

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