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*Reduces Acne 

* Reduces wrinkles

* Boosts Bloodflow

* Boosts Collagen

* Depuffs under eye

* Reduces Pigmentation 

* No botox needed

Usage: Face, Eyes  and Neck

Choose your Oil

HOB Super Fruit Glow OilHOB Glow Oil Serum is like rehab for your skin. Deeply moisturizing and rejuvenating, Glow Oil Serum quickly absorbs into your skin to restore its youthful glow. Ideal for dry, damaged or mature skin types, this  unrefined (virgin) oil serum reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and blotchiness. Nutrient-rich, organic seed oils including sunflower, jojoba, Geranium, Vitamin E and Peach Oil, repair and nourish skin. 

HOB Super Food Acne Killer OilAcne Killer Serum gives your skin a powerful dose for clear, smooth and acne- free skin.  It is formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamine E.  Deep cleansing, anti-inflammation, soothing and antibacterial properties of the active ingredients keep the skin free of of dark spots and acne.

HOB Super Boost Fishy Oil: Super Boost Fish Oil, is Indias only Omega 3 infused oil serum. This oil is a blend of Argan (Moroccan) Oil to add to the nourishing and redhyrating benefits of both oils then mixed with Frankinsense essential oil to add to the calmness while neutralising the fish aroma. This oil is ideal for dry skin. It is perfect to use this Oil before applying any full coverage foundation. It will leave you skin baby soft, nourished and refilled with Omega 3 nutrients.


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