Coconut shell succulent planters

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Coconut shell succulent planters

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Known as the "tree of life" in many Asian regions, the coconut tree is perhaps one of the most useful trees around. Every inch of it is used, from the roots that are used for dyes to its leaves that are used for roofs or even to steam food in, not to mention the coconut itself which gives and gives and gives.

These coconut shells have been crafted into succulent planters. To deviate from the ordinary, fractal burns have been added and have then been highlighted using resin. 

They have further been coated with food grade resin to make them completely water proof. 

A drain hole has been provided at the base of the shell for excess water which falls into the wooden base which houses a cavity. 

The base has also been coated to prevent wood rot from its constant exposure to water.

Retailed as a set of 5

*Plants not included*

Note: Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated