Auro Candles

"AURO comes from ""aurum"" - the Latin word for gold. It signifies the first golden rays of Sunlight . At AURO , We believe in the values of Purity and wellness with Elegant Design . Our products made with the purest possible essential oils create a feel good environment at home. All our products are Handcrafted and Ethically Made in India . From the selection of the wax, to the quality of essential oils , the cotton and wooden wicks and the packaging of the product, every ingredient and every process is carefully considered, making our products an ode to sustainability, purity and clean light . At AURO ,We believe in healthier fragrance practices . When you inhale the vapours of an essential oil, the various aromas stimulate the smell receptors in the olfactory system , which then sends messages through the nervous system to the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions. . This process is called neuro-associative conditioning, which is your body’s ability to link a healing response to a particular smell. It also explains why smells often have the power to trigger a specific memory. When you scent candles with artificial fragrance it means you are releasing synthetic compounds in the air , which can sometimes lead to skin , nose and eye irritations for some . Discover your quiet moment to unwind and to appreciate the delicate and exquisite fragrance in everyday life ."
  1. Golden Pillar Large
  2. Golden Pillar Candle Medium
  3. Golden Pillar candle with 2 Wick
  4. Paisley Candle Grey
  5. Paisley Candle Sand
  6. Wax Lamp Square Gold
  7. Wax Lamp Round Gold
  8. Let it glow  (Green)
  9. Let it glow  (Pink Lavender)
  10. Let the light shine (Orange)
  11. Let the light shine (Pink Lavender)
  12. Mosaic Blue Pillar Candle small
  13. Biscay Green Pillar Candle large
  14. Biscay Green Pillar Candle small
  15. Classic Blue Pillar Candle Large
  16. Classic Blue  Pillar Candle small
  17. Saffron  Pillar Candle Large
  18. Saffron pillar candle small
  19. Woody Green Taper Candles
  20. Greenery Taper Candles
  21. Island Paradise Taper Candles
  22. Pink Blush Taper Candles
  23. Flame Scarlet Pillar Candle large
  24. Flame Scarlet Pillar Candle small
  25. Mosaic Blue Pillar  Candle Large
  26. Balance Diffuser Oil
  27. Petit grain Diffuser oil
  28. Energising forest Diffuser Oil
  29. Meditation diffuser oil
  30. Yoga Diffuser Oil
  31. Mountain Oil diffuser - brown
  32. Mountain Oil diffuser - green
  33. Wax Luminary Square Coral Candle
  34. Wax Luminary Round Green Candle
  35. Coral Pink Pillar Candle small
  36. Coral Pink Pillar candle large